Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gone In 60 Minutes...

Oh, how this blog post today reminds me of my Dad.  For two reasons.  The first being the title.  60 Minutes was my Dad's favorite TV show and you didn't dare phone him on Sunday nights when it was on.  It would go something like this, "Hi Dad!  What are you up to?"  "What do you think I'm doing?  I'm watching 60 Minutes.  I'll call you back."  He always did.  I certainly miss being able to call him and interrupt that show.  Sometimes I'd do it just to be ornery. 

The other reason it reminds me of my Dad is because the subject is a desk and you must know something about me that will SHOCK you.  I, single-handedly, have destroyed two desks.  One of which was my Dads.  That desk right there in the picture.  You can only see a corner of it.  I feel really bad about demolishing it.  I had owned it for close to 20 years, it was a HUGE executive conference style desk, the drawers needed repair and I didn't have room for it anymore.  I didn't even cop to having taken it apart and burning it.  (I know!  I still feel the guilt.)  My sister told him and waited until my wedding day to Triple H to do so.  That way he couldn't be mad or say anything to me lest he ruin my day.  Like I ruined his desk. have to LOVE sisters willing to run interference for their baby sister.  (The other desk isn't even worth mentioning.  It was a cheapy not real wood one.  No guilt there!)
Today's featured desk was not carelessly destroyed but rather it was repaired and made beautiful.  Say hello to Sharon of Bellissima Restorations.  Sharon bought this desk along with a matching chest from Craigslist for $75.   

Sharon writes, "It had at least four drawers that had veneer coming off or were chipped/broken, as well as a couple of spots on the top.  After patching the beauty up I decided I wanted to be bold yet I wanted to preserve the antiquity of the piece.  I had just bought a gorgeous antique pink color of paint and was dying to try it, so this was the perfect opportunity!"

Sharon said that once she was finished painting the pink it just looked too "oh my gosh look how very pink I am".  So she added dark paint to it, then highlighted the accent pieces with white paint.  Then it became exactly what she wanted and she was in love with how it turned out.

She wasn't the only one to fall in love with it because it sold within 60 minutes of her posting it for sale.  Way.  To.  Go.  Sharon!

Bellissima Restorations is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee but soon you will be able to also find her at a new location.  She has been invited by La Vie En Rose Cottage to be a vendor at their new venue for fine furniture next door to their current location in Lenox Village located in Nashville.  It's not open yet, but keep watching for their grand opening.  You can contact Sharon on her Bellissima Restorations Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks so much Sharon for sharing your beautiful furniture flip.  

One flip left and the week is complete!  Boy, time and snow sure does fly fast around here.  Get your flip in!  You know what to do.  I've only reminded you like a million times.
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


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