Thursday, March 6, 2014

Floral & Hardy...

Don't shoot the messenger!  Estate it like I see it and I'm imagining that's what Cassondra of Redefined Decor's client thought of this buffet when she bought it from an estate sale.  Cassondra's client had been looking for the perfect piece for her cottage and thought this would fit the bill once it was given an update.

First up was the task of sanding, and sanding, and sanding.  Followed by staining. 

Cassondra's not one to shy away from work though.  She's a mom to four!  She is the definition of a hard worker as any mother would attest.  

Cassondra happily took on the challenge of mixing up a custom shade of light orange paint for the project and kumquat may, she nailed it!   

New hardware was added and the job was complete.

Check it out...

It.  Is.  Perfect.  Love the oil rubbed bronze hardware and I adore that color.  So did Cassondra's client.  She whisked it off to her cottage where it is now living happily ever after.  Here it is in it's home.

Orange you jealous that you aren't hanging out right now in a vacation cottage?  I know I am!  I'd even settle for being snowed in if it meant being in a cottage somewhere on vacation. 

You can see more of Cassondra's work on her Redefined Decor Facebook page.  She is based in Michigan and loves doing custom orders.   Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Cassondra for sharing your peachy keen furniture flip!

Wow!  Where has this week gone?  We have one more flip tomorrow and then it's the weekend.  Is it your flip I'll be showing?  Can't say for sure.  Did you submit one yet?  Here's your invite.  Get it in.  Email me before/after pictures and details to .  Hurry.  This offer expires at midnight.  Not really. 
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Stephanie, I love the outcome. Thanks for all your creative words and the smiles you put on my face daily. I love the new look of this and I LOVE YOUR BLOGS....

    1. Thank YOU Sherri! Your check is in the mail! :-) Hey, get your flips in lady! I know you are holding out on me. You don't want to get on my bad side. lol


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