Friday, February 28, 2014

What Must Her Neighbors Think?

Oh, Melissa of Twice Loved Gems!  How I do get a kick out of you.  Let me tell you a little bit about Melissa.  She is all about the follow through.  I think it's been twice now that she has shared "What Would You Do?" pictures with us on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page and with each one she turns it into something fantastic.  We're doing a follow up on one of those today.  Remember this one?

First though, I must share with you a picture Melissa took of her furniture stash.  You know what that is!  You've got one, I've got one, and check out the one Melissa has.  This was snapped the day she was trying to get organized.  
What must her neighbors think?  Hehehehe...I'm thinking of my own garage.  When I was doing the Park Ridge Project I had the furniture for it all set up in my garage and a young lad of 5 years old walked in, took a look around and proclaimed, "This is a nice house!".   Then another time, a friend of my neighbor's strolled over looking for her.  I was busy working on a garage full of furniture.  I offered this stranger my phone to call the neighbor and made chit chat with her while she was waiting for her to pick up.  Once my neighbor answered the phone, the woman said, "Hey, where are you?  I'm at your neighbor's house and she is trying to sell me some furniture!".  I never did close a sale that day.  Drats!  Anyway, if your garage looks like Melissa's, then take solace in the fact that you are perfectly normal.  Just like me & Melissa.

Okay, today's flip.  Your color suggestions for this hutch ranged from light cream and grays, to red.  Quite a few of you suggested red.  What bold and daring people you are!  

Melissa writes, "We got to work removing all the wooden and metal hardware.  Disassembled the glass and what ever those cross bar things are.  Sanded, filled, fixed, sanded some more.  Primed, sanded blah, blah, blah.  You know the drill.  After that we painted on a color called Sliced Cucumber.  I love a top that can be stained so we went with one of my favorites, Jacobean.  I couldn't decide on what to do with the openings on top so I tried my hand (for the first time ever) at chicken wire.  Well, let me tell you it's not easy and you get scraped up.  Not a fan."
Melissa then antique glazed it with two different specialty finishes, Black Coffee and Cast Bronze from "good old Martha". She used a wipe on poly seal.  Melissa purchased some gorgeous new hardware to finish it off. 


"The top is smooth like butta, storage is amazing and I am a proud momma", writes Melissa.  

As well she should be!  It's gorgeous!  AND, it's for sale.  
Twice Loved Gems is based in Goodyear, Arizona.  If you live near there, too, then check out the Craiglist ad and buy it.  You can visit Melissa on the Twice Loved Gems blog for more examples of her stellar work.  Do you recall when we featured that stunning vanity?  You can also find her and Twice Loved Gems on their Facebook page.  Get over there, give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'!  

Let's take a look at the complete flip...

Beautiful!  Thanks so much Melissa for sharing with us your "What Would You Do?" pic and the completed piece!  

That brings to a close another week of Furniture Flippin'.  Five more pieces of furniture saved from certain doom.  There's still time to get your flips in before the turn of the century.  Whatcha waiting for?  Here's your invitation!  Email me at .  In the meantime, talk back!  There's a comment section right below to accommodate witty banter.

See you on Monday!
~ Stephanie 


  1. My garage totally looks like hers! Who cares what the neighbors think!!! lol ;) That turned out beautiful! Awesome job!
    BTW Stephanie...shame on you for guilting people to comment...but it worked! hahaha

    1. LOL Roni! It did work! And, I have only just begun to shame you all. Hehehehehe...

    2. go girl! :)

  2. This turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love the chicken wire! I don't have a garage, but my rec room looks the same, jammed full of future projects. I'd better get to work!
    Great transformation!!
    Debbie :)

  3. I love the finished project. I have a hutch that I would like to refinish sometime in the future and always thought about chicken wire. I may have to rethink that. ;)

    1. Well, Cathy make sure you take a before and after picture of your hutch! I'd love to see it. Wear gloves if you are going to use the chicken wire. lol

  4. Right now my garage only has two pieces of furniture in it, however, we have a few pieces stored at a house we are working on. So, I guess you can say we have projects stored in one big project. I love how this turned out and her color choices are spot on.

  5. My garge is not filled with furniture but the back of the shop is jammed full. Love the Hutch . Not a fan of working with chicken wire either. It looks great but it is a pain to handle.


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