Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whoah! Look At That Van Gogh...

First off, I would be derelict in my self appointed duties as traffic cop in my neighborhood if I didn't clarify the title of today's blog post.  If I ever see you in my area driving a van (or any motor vehicle) fast, you'll be sorry.  That may or may not be a blow dryer I have pointed at you.  Just because it has a cord dangling and says "Conair" doesn't prove it's not a speed gun.  Take that lead foot to the track.  We'll even meet you there.  And, maybe beat you, too.  (Relax, I mean with our 10 second car.)  Now, on to the flip!

Amy from High Style reStyle was recently asked to make over this circa 1980's desk for her client's real estate office.  She was warned it was ugly.  Check out those handles on it.  I'm sure they were the height of furniture fashion in the 80's.  However, much like stirrup pants and acid washed jeans, some things gots to go.  (I admit I kind of liked the off the shoulder Flashdance shirts we wore.  I think they're coming back.  Pair them with today's skinny jeans and I can see a whole new generation singing "Maniac".  THAT would be cool.  That I could get behind.)

Amy's client gave her carte blanche with this makeover.  Taking her cues from another desk in her client's office Amy turned to Van Gogh Fossil Paint.  Amy is a Van Gogh Fossil Paint Paintologist.  She knew the perfect color to use - Sunflowers followed by their gorgeous Antiquing Glaze. 
After those pulls were, well, pulled...these beauties stepped forward and took their place.

Then Amy decided to do a Harlequin stencil on the laminate top.  She didn't stop the glamour there though.  She went one step further and added some serious bling to the sides...however, for the steps she took to accomplish that you need to check out her blog.  There you can see how she and her very own handsome handy husband got sparks flying and made magic happen.  (Watch how fast you all click over!  Man, I wish there was a built in click speed radar gun trained on you right now.  I wouldn't issue you a ticket though.  Unless it was a ticket of awesomeness for following my orders.)

Anyway...I will show you the amazing after.  Check out what Amy did to that desk...
Seriously spectacular.  If I was forced to work in an office again, I think I'd enjoy goofing off all day at that desk.  Well done, Amy!  

You can go check out more of Amy's work on her High Style reStyle website.  I've introduced you to her before, too.  Remember her impressive makeovers of two matching dressers?  You can see that flip right here.  Or how about the China Hutch you all helped decide the fate of?  That ring a bell with you?  You can refresh your memory with that flip by going HERE.  Think I'm done with the links?  Well, I'm not.  Grab your coffee.  I can keep you off Pinterest all day long.  Check out Amy on her High Style reStyle Facebook page.  She's based in Dallas, Texas.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks Amy for sharing your totally bitchin' furniture flip!  The 80's called and they want to know if you'll makeover more of their stuff?

Dear readers, I'll see you tomorrow.  We have one more flip for the week and it's one YOU gave your input on.  It was a "What Would You Do?" feature I showed you on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page.  You should submit your own "WWYD".  Email me a picture of whatever piece of furniture you are stuck on.  Send it to me at
I gotta book.  See ya!
~ Stephanie


  1. Where did you find a metal flat chandelier like that I have never need one?

    1. Cindie I believe she found it at Hobby Lobby. :-)

  2. What a happy color! She did a great job and I Iove the chandy detail on the side!


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