Thursday, January 23, 2014

...and They Flipped Happily Ever After.

Grab your gear and follow me.   (I sound like Gibbs from NCIS.  Hehehehe...) We are going on a road trip today!  We're heading to the United Kingdom.  More specifically to Peterborough.  There we will meet up with a lovely young couple named Vic and Alina.  They are the husband/wife duo behind Chic Barn Hand Painted Furniture.  I hear from a very reliable source that the two of them love America.  So much so that they eloped to Las Vegas five years ago.  (I didn't get the details on whether Elvis performed the ceremony.  I'll have to find that tidbit of info out and report back.) 

Once back home they settled into their happy life.  However, Vic doesn't bring his bride flowers anymore.  Nope.  Instead he brings his lady love bouquets of paint brushes.  (How sweet is that!  Husbands take note.  A bouquet of paint brushes for your wife is a wonderful gift.  A bouquet of toilet bowl brushes IS NOT.  I will clobber my handsome handy husband if he ever brings me a bouquet of toilet bowl brushes.)  Check out how sweet the paint brush bouquet and accompanying note is though...

Recently this happy couple acquired this retro Chest of Drawers.  Alina writes, "It was in a very poor state when we got it.  My handy husband managed to fix all the drawers, top, etc.  I decided to go for the bold colours."

All of the drawers were there for this piece but at the time the before picture was snapped, they were still being cleaned of years worth of grime.  Alina chose to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the colors of Florence and French Linen.  The sides of the chest were waxed with the dark wax to get more depth out of the color while the front was varnished with a matte varnish.

New gold hardware was added and the piece was complete.  

Let's take a look at the beautiful after...

That is a winner!  The color and new hardware updates it, yet it still stays true to the period in which it was made.  Very, very well done Vic & Alina!  (When my sister sees this, she will be jealous.  She LOVES Mid Century Modern design.  Her MCM house is filled with it.  The paintbrushes will push her over the edge, too.  She's an artist.  Mental note to self:  Show my brother in law Terry the paintbrush bouquet picture.)

You can find Alina and Vic on their Chic Barn Hand Painted Furniture Facebook page.  Get over there and meet them.  They are just the CUTEST COUPLE EVER!  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.   

Thanks so much for sharing your super cool retro furniture flip Alina & Vic!  

Let's take one more look at it. 

There you have it.  Another piece of sad furniture that got it's act together with the help of two kind souls who took it in, spiffed it up and sent it on it's way.  You could get that kind of satisfaction, too, if you began furniture flippin'.  Oh, you already do flip furniture?  Do I know that?  Have you submitted your flip?  If not, email me the before/after picture and all of the details to .  If you already have, fear not tater tot.  Your turn is coming.  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie



  1. Beautiful piece! Wouldn't know it started as any thing else!!

  2. It really did turn out beautifully! Fantastic work!
    Debbie :)


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