Monday, September 2, 2013

So Worth The Aggravation...

...that's how Patty from P.W. Designs describes today's furniture flip.

Patty had in her possession a Turned Leg Sofa Table that had seen its share of use.  

Patty went to work on it, giving it a good cleaning and a light sanding.  When all of a sudden what should appear?  Right on the table top, it was peeling veneer!

She never expected THAT!  That doesn't look good!  Did she chuck it in the trash and give up?  Heck no!  We furniture flippers are a tough breed.  Did she throw a temper tantrum, grumble, stomp her feet and complain?  Why, of course!  Wouldn't YOU?  Yes, you would, too.  Don't try to deny it.  I would, too.  We're all more alike than different.

It took a full afternoon of  hard work but she was finally able to remove the two layers of veneer.  She was rewarded with a solid wood top. 

Now comes the fun part where all of her prep work pays off.  After Patty thanked her lucky stars that the grueling horrendous veneer detour was behind her, she set about making this table pretty once again.  She painted the base of the table, distressed it and sealed it with wax.  While the top was stained and coated with a few layers of poly.

Was the aggravation worth it?  (Yes!  I told you that in the first sentence of this feature.  Dur!)  Now, you can see for yourself that it WAS definitely worth it...

Isn't she LOVELY!?!  Look at how that detail really pops out on that piece.  Those legs are beyond cool.  I want that table.  

You can see more of Patty's fabulous work on her P.W. Designs Facebook page.  Go there, give her a "like" and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  She's a self-proclaimed "newbie" so I'm counting on you to welcome her into the furniture fold.  If you live in the St. Louis, MO area you are in luck.  She sells her items on Craigslist and she's been busy all summer on custom orders, too.  Check her out and have her do a custom order for you, too!  Her contact info is on her Facebook page.

Thanks Patty for sharing your totally worth the temper tantrum table!! 


  1. Ohhhh, that takes my breath away - simply gorgeous! I love the way the detail pops with the paint.


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