Thursday, September 26, 2013

Her Husband's A Keeper...

I'm trying to imagine what would be running through my mind if my husband came home and said to me, "I have a surprise for you!"  I'm almost certain that it wouldn't be the same surprise that Diane of The Bluetick Hound received from her handsome handy husband Tim.  Her husband brought her home a seen better days sofa table.  (My husband is thinking ahead to winter and I know he wouldn't be surprising me with any additional furniture to take up valuable car space in the garage.  If he did, I would almost bet it would come with a window scraper and a pair of snowboots to serve as an incentive for me to work a little faster on my furniture flips lest I have to help him scrape car windows on a cold Illinois morning.)  

Here's Diane's table before...

Diane said she could tell it had spent some time exposed to the weather and there was also a big burn mark on it's top.  They weren't quite sure what they had until they opened the drawers and saw a stamp indicating it was an "Ethan Allen" brand table.

Most of the original finish was gone from this piece.  Diane stripped and sanded what remained.  She repaired some cracks in the top and the legs.  Once that was complete, she settled on the color combination of cream on the bottom with a dark stained top.  After staining and painting, she added new hardware and almost called it a day on this piece, until she met up with all of our furniture flippers who gather here and on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page.  Through all of our conversations, Diane learned about glazing and waxing.  She knew that was exactly what this table needed to add some depth to the finish.  So, she glazed and waxed it and voila!  Here's the finished table...
What an amazing difference!  It looks fantastic.  I love how graceful those legs look now in that color.  

You can read more about this makeover on The Bluetick Hound blog.  Once there you'll see many more furniture flips they have tackled.  You can also tag along with Diane on her Bluetick Hound Facebook page.  Head over there, give her a "like" and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  If you'd like to purchase this table or check out more of what she has available, be sure to visit her Etsy page. 

Thanks so much Diane for sharing your furniture flip!  She's beautiful!

Readers, have any of you completed a piece of furniture you'd like to share?  If so, we want to see them!  Email me the before/after pics and all the details to .
~ Stephanie


  1. Thank you Stef for your kind words. I read your blog to hubby, I think his head swelled just a bit. He also said "Hmmm" when I read him the part about the window scraper and snow boots!! Uh Oh. Thanks again.

    1. LOL. Yes, my husband was very interested in that idea, too Diane! It was my pleasure to feature your beautiful work!

  2. That is gorgeous!! Great work! I do think that cabriole legs are my favourite of all time..they are so graceful..:)

  3. Very, very, very pretty!!! Doesn't a transformation like that make a gal feel great!!


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