Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Rebel With A Blog...

...that's today's featured furniture flipper!  Actually, she's not so much a "rebel" as a self-proclaimed "rule breaker".  I like that!  She's honest.  She's also from Illinois.  See there is one thing you must understand about Illinoisans, this applies to our friend Trina from the blog "Let's Just Build A House" and yours truly, we are an honest bunch.  It's our politicians that aren't honest.  While some of us wish we lived in a big house and some of us build a big house, it's likely to be one of our Governors who actually do end up living in the "big house".  It's true!  Four out of our last seven Governors have been sent up the river.  Now you understand even better why I think our State's motto should be, "Illinois - Where Our Governors Make Our License Plates."

Anyway, let's talk about Trina.  Trina and her handsome handy husband Adam have been busy building their forever home.  In addition to their house projects, Trina tackles DIY Projects and she cooks, too.  (I'll tell you what, I hope these husbands of these extraordinary women we feature realize just how lucky they are to have us!  Feel blessed men, because you are!  Triple H knows!)

Last year, Trina picked up this old dresser at her favorite flea market, the 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois.  

She paid the sum total of $50.00 for it having talked the seller down from $65.00.  Every time I show a dresser in one of our "What Would You Do?" features on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page, inevitably someone will suggest turning it into a bathroom vanity.  I love that idea.  (I only wish our own bathroom was bigger).  Well, turning it into a bathroom vanity is EXACTLY what Trina did with this beauty.

The dresser was the perfect size for their half-bath in their new home.  Trina says it was in a pretty banged up condition with nail holes in the top.  She filled those in, sanded,  applied a few coats of Minwax's Special Walnut and a few coats of poly to protect it.  The original drawer pulls were cleaned and sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze.  (Love that color.)

Trina purchased a vessel sink and faucet from eBay at a fraction of what it normally would have cost.  She won the sink auction for $80 including shipping.  The sink normally sells for over $400.  SCORE!!  

Let's take a look at her flea market find turned bathroom vanity now...

Isn't that sweet as can be?  I WANT ONE!!!

You can see more of this makeover and follow along with Trina, Adam, and their dog Scout as they complete their dream home on their Let's Just Build A House blog.  She is hilarious!  You'll love reading her posts. 

Facebook friends, you can check them out on their Let's Just Build A House Facebook page, too!  

Thanks so much Trina for introducing yourself a few weeks ago!  Keep on keepin' on in your part of Illinois!  You make your old Illinois Valley neighbors proud!

Dear readers, we love to read your comments on the blog so quit being shy.  Speak now or forever be hounded by me.  While you are busy typing away your thoughts, shoot me an email with a furniture flip YOU have done.  You don't have to be a full-time furniture flipper, you can be a DIYer doing stuff for their own household.  We welcome them all.  Email me the before/after pictures and all of the details to furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .

~ Stephanie


  1. you are too nice! really! THank you so much for the feature of my vanity. I call it "pinterest bathroom" when we show the house to friends LOL

  2. Hola, tu blog es fantastico, fresco y divertido. Los enlaces son realmente buenos. Felicidades.
    Un saludo. Carmen.Madrid. España


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