Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Don't Need No Ugly Dressers*

*You really must sing that title to the tune of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall.  Go ahead.  Read (sing) it again.  Now, let me know later if that tune is stuck in your head all day long.   Don't thank me now.  You can thank me later when your Thursday is just trudging along and BAM!   You find yourself singing that song.  "Darn you Stephanie!", you'll mumble.  Then you'll laugh.  THEN, you can thank me for BREAKING up your day ONE MORE TIME.  Hehehehe...

Onto our flip.  Join me, won't you, in the "Crusade Against Ugly Dressers".  There is no reason in this day and age that ANY OF US should have to gaze OUR eyes upon an ugly eyesore like this one...

Hey 1970's!  You forgot something!!  I'm seriously expecting to see Mrs. Brady pop into that picture with a load of Mike's laundry when I see that monstrosity.  

Instead of that housewife with the blond shag haircut, today's furniture flippers are two super cute ladies named Lisa and Gloria of Potentially Chic.

These two were determined to banish the brown and bring this back into style!  It was too heavy and big, (72 inches) to haul up to their workshop, so they tackled it in their shop instead.  Much to the delight of their customers who loved watching their progress.  

They chose CeCe Caldwell's Traverse City Cherry for the color.  They applied two coats to it and then it was time to wax.  They felt it needed a dark wax to tone down the "cherry"ness of the red.  They found that the regular antiquing wax was giving a bit of an orange tone to the red, so they mixed a little Beckley Coal black into some clear wax and ended up with the perfect color.

They switched out the hardware, spraying it with Oil Rubbed Bronze and called this piece complete.

Here's "Big Red" now...

Pretty awesome!  Buh-bye ugly brown, hello stand out red!

To see more of this makeover you can visit the Potentially Chic website.   If you are in the Roanake, Virginia area you are in luck, because you can see them in person at their shop located in the Grandin Village.  Finally, for all of you Facebook fanatics, check them out on their Potentially Chic Facebook page.   You can learn how two businesses joined together to make one business.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin', will ya?  

Thanks Gloria and Lisa for sharing your way more than groovy now furniture flip!  


  1. Thanks for the feature! You are awesome! And yes, I have that song stuck in my head now. :-)

  2. no ugly dressers ever!!!!!!I wouldn't have thought of the color but it looks amazing.

  3. That's hilarious, and it looks great!!! I wish 1970 would come and pick up a few things that no amount of paint will fix!

  4. PC - You are so very welcome! I hope that song has left your noggins by now! Thanks for the great flip!

    Melissa - So glad you are on board with our crusade against ugly dressers! I know you flip, so don't forget to submit! :-)

    Eric, I agree! The ladies did a great job!

    Good Time Charlie - Great name! lol 1970's weren't known for their great style of furniture, that's for sure!! :-)


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