Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not For The Faint Of Heart...

I'll say this about Donna from Painted Past Designs she "ain't skeered" and "she's not no chicken either"!  Same thing, really.  Eh, it's early.  Don't be too harsh on me.  Now, when Donna emailed me her flip she had enclosed a warning label, similar to this one...  

There, you've been warned.  Let's get to the flip!

Donna has a favorite thrift store where everybody knows her name and she knows theirs, too!  She arrived early one day and patiently waited until they opened.  Once they did, she made a beeline across the room and staked her claim to this guy wrapping her arms around him and declaring, "MINE!".  Here's the object of her affection...

He was in decent enough shape with a few veneer chips and a missing drawer pull.  Donna wasn't planning on fixing the veneer because paint is what she does.  She's an American Paint Company Distributor.

Home he went with her to her shop where he waited for her to choose what color to paint him.  Donna went with Navajo White and Smoke Signal.

She set to work on him and midway through she called a do-over and tackled him from another angle.  Once she got the paint just right, she applied two coats of top coat and  lightly polished with sandpaper.  Then she called it a day.

Are you ready to see the finished look?  Are you really ready??  Here he is...

Looks pretty cool!  The details really stand out on it now!  

You can visit more with Donna on her Painted Past Designs Facebook page.   Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!  

Donna, you brave woman!  (I, Stephanie, AM a CHICKEN!  Bawk, bawk!)  Thanks for sharing your outstanding furniture flip!




  1. What a beautiful piece! Great transformation Donna!!

  2. I absolutely love how she didn't replace the missing pull but, instead, moved the one she did have to the center! It makes a dramatic statement with the detail of the downward facing "arrow" above!

  3. Most re-do's I thought were gorgeous, but this one...NOT. The wood was beautiful.


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