Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Going To Be Bee-U-Tiful!

Breathe easy furniture owner!  That piece of sentimental furniture that you no longer have a use for but do have pangs of sadness about letting go...if you sell it to the right person it will find a good home.  Especially if that person is an experienced furniture flipper.  

Allow me to introduce you to Lisa of Southside Furniture Revival.  Lisa answered an ad on a local internet board and saw this buffet/console type piece of furniture.  The price was right and she jumped on it.  

Here's what she bought...

Now, yours truly would have passed right on by that piece.  I would have taken one look at the detail on it and thought, "I'll surely mess THAT ONE up!" and moved on.  Not Lisa.  Her husband was with her when she bought it and he gave her an "are you sure?" look.  Lisa completed the transaction and was pretty confident she could do something great with it.  Well, maybe not "pretty confident".  She let it sit a few days while she stewed about what to do with it.  Now that the project is complete she's proven that while lipstick on a pig won't make it not a pig anymore, if you apply that same lipstick on a piece that's sturdy and has nice lines, you can end up with something great.  

Lisa's own handsome handy husband removed the original hardware and filled the holes.  Lisa's plan was to paint it a solid color and be done with it.   She began with a blue/gray paint.  While it looked good, she noticed that the detail on the piece needed MORE so she decided to deck out some of the raised areas in gold.  It began to look better.

That's when the postman showed up and without even ringing twice he handed her a stencil.  (Okay, so she had ordered it.  He wasn't the "Here I am to save the day!" type of mail carrier. Lisa had ordered it a week or so before she even knew the buffet was in her future.)  She decided this stencil would be perfect for this particular project.  In addition to that, she replaced the existing door knobs with simple glass ones.  Then she finished her up with some dark wax, sat back and saw this...

Let's take a look at the side...

Pretty awesome Lisa!  

You can see more of Lisa's work on her Southside Furniture Revival Facebook Page.  Trek on over there and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  If you live in Illinois...you are in luck!  She's located there!  Perhaps she can transform a piece of furniture for you.  

Don't forget, comments are always welcome here on the blog, too. 

Thanks Lisa for sharing your bee-u-tiful furniture flip!  


  1. how was the stencil done?

  2. very very awesome piece. I want it but I am in Kansas.

  3. I just purchased 2 french provencial nightstands from an online auction (from a picture only). They're in pretty rough shape but luckily they seem to be solid wood. I was looking for some ideas and came across this. I was soooo impressed. This is just beautiful.

    I do have a question. The small doors have the wire. Should I paint the wire the same color as the rest of the piece? Any ideas. Thanks so much.


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