Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's Hope For You Yet...

...and today I'm not just referring to our featured flip with that title!  There's hope for YOU, too!  YOU could be the WINNER of today's makeover project.

Meet Shelley, Lauren, and Leslie.  They are the three women behind Richardson Restoration & Design.  Keeping it all in the family, these three specialize in the restoration of all manner of fine furniture, cabinetry and interior/exterior design.  

Recently, they were scouring Craigslist when they came upon this seen better days hope chest...

The young couple selling it was only asking $20 for this Lane Cedar Chest.  It had been in their family for quite awhile but they just didn't have room for it anymore.  The ladies of Richardson Restoration & Design knew it was worth more than that so they offered them $40!  How's that for honesty? 

The outside was covered in peeling veneer, but the inside was perfect.  They peeled, scraped & sanded to get all of the veneer off, finding pine underneath in great shape.  After applying one coat of primer, two coats of latex paint, two coats of polyacrylic and lots of sanding in between, this chest was finally finished.  They added the wooden applique on front to give it a little something extra and look at how this beauty turned out...

Pretty gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?

How would you like to own it?  Here's how you go about it. Pay close attention and follow all of these steps so your entry counts.  Don't panic, there are only two steps.  Go to Richardson Restoration & Design's Facebook Page  and click "like" to become a fan.  Once you've done THAT, you need to "share" the picture of this makeover.  It's easy to find on their Facebook page, but I'll make it simpler for you, click here for the Hope Chest pictures.

That's it!  Simple!  Let the ladies of Richardson Restoration & Design know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  Good luck to all of you!  I can't participate because I'm still in Facebook lockdown and unable to become a fan of anybody's page.  That's okay though.  That just means one less person you are going up against, right?  The drawing will be Sunday, August 4th.

Thanks Shelley, Lauren & Leslie for sharing your terrific furniture flip!  Be sure and let me know who wins it!

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