Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - He Done Gone And All That's Left Is An Armoire That's...

...ATROCIOUS.  So, I'll put it on the curb and tag it as for sale.  $40 bucks will take it and I'll be done with this hail!

Okay, I sincerely hope that you SANG that intro.  If you need to know the tune in order to sing it correctly, let me know.  You totally got that the last word in the above paragraph is supposed to REALLY be H-E-double hockey sticks, right?  I thought you got that.  You're a smart cookie.  

Let's talk about Christy.  You know Christy, right?  What do you mean Christy who?  Oh, which Christy am I talking about it?  I'm talking about Christy of Vintage BelleAnyway...Christy went to this yard sale where this lady was selling her ex-boyfriends stuff.  Pretty cheap, I might add.  Christy spied this armoire for $40.  Yes, $40.  The seller said it was not allowed in her house ANYMORE!  

Here is the offending ex-boyfriend belonging bearer of ill will...

Poor thing.  Sitting there amongst all of the other rummage sale items, wondering, "What did I do?  LADY!"

You know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"?  Well, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, too.  (Guys who read this blog take note:  IT ONLY WORKS IN REGARDS TO FURNITURE.  If you act like trash don't expect some lady to come along and rescue you.  It doesn't work like that so behave.)  (You're welcome ladies!)  

After lugging this armoire home, Christy cleaned him up and set about making him over.  (Much like we women do with all new relationships.  Not really.)  She did a lot of sanding and staining.  She used a homemade chalk paint in a cream color.  She used expresso stain over raw wood on top with a clear gloss poly.  She then antiqued the body with the stain and added some cream and gold highlights.  She finished with a clear wax. 

Here's this bad boy now...

Pretty handsome!  He is living happily ever after with Christy as we speak.  

Christy is just starting out and today we are going to encourage her because that's what we do!  Check out her Vintage Belle Facebook page.    Let her know you saw this awesome makeover here and become a fan.   Share the love on a Wednesday.  What a great way to end the month of July, too!

Thanks so much Christy of Vintage Belle for sharing your fantabulous furniture flip!


  1. Christy rocks! she has a passion for creativity and now has the perfect outlet for herself. And us- because we get to reap the benefits of her creativity and love for Vintage!

  2. GORGEOUS JOB. Wow. I have a couple heavy pieces much like the before picture (all that "heavy roping" on the sides of the pieces) and felt the same as that previous owner (just get them away from me!). I had NO idea how to help them-- until now! Just lovely. Many thanks!


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