Monday, July 15, 2013

If Only Thelma & Louise Flipped Furniture...

...then they might have had a happier ending to their story.  

Today we are going on a road trip with two less rebellious ladies - Beth Morin and her friend Patty.  Now, Patty had been doing furniture flips for awhile and she inspired Beth to start her own furniture flippin'.  On this particular day, they found themselves at a little antique store.  There Beth discovered a little table for the equally little price of $5.00.

As you can see in the picture there are two very similar tables pictured.  It's the one on the left, with the arrow pointing at it, that Beth purchased that day for her very first flip.  The one on the right?  Well, there is an interesting history with that one, too, which I'll share in a bit.  

You have to admit that the finish on her find was rough.  Beth saw past it though and set to work bringing back the beautiful wood finish it had originally had.  Although, seeing Beth's after picture, makes me think that it is even more beautiful today than it had originally been.  Don't believe me?  You will!

Take a look at it now!

What did I tell you?  Gorgeous!!  

The story on the second table in the before picture?  What about that you ask?  

The table on the right is the table her husband's grandfather made for his grandmother for their first wedding anniversary.  They were married 67+ years before one passed.  Beth was fortunate enough to inherit that table and was THRILLED to find the second table with the same shape/size.  What are the odds of that!?  Beth calls one Memere's Table and the other one Pepere's.  

Beth does this on the side.  She works full-time at the University of Maine and her second profession is photography.  She does enjoy working on furniture and we have her friend Patty to thank for inspiring her.  

Readers - please let Beth know how much you enjoy her table re-do in the comment section here.  I'm sure she'd love to hear from  you.

Thanks so much Beth for sharing your very special and first furniture flip!  


  1. Well done Beth. I am usually a Pint type of flipper but this is just gorgeous. I have some chairs to refinish to their natural state for a client and I may need your advice on staining. Keep up the great work

  2. Well Done! I love the restoration..:)

  3. Love this table! It's got great lines and now looks absolutely fabulous. Great job!!

  4. How fantastic that you found a table almost identical to the one your grandfather made!


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