Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Totally Worth More Than $5 Now...

...that's exactly what you are going to think when you see today's furniture flip!  

Mamye from The Distressed Fleur De Lis was on a flea market excursion with her three children in tow one day (she's raising them youngen's right!)  when tucked behind a bunch of other items she found this chair...

When she asked the seller what his asking price was and he replied, "$5.00", well, she couldn't pull her money out of her wallet fast enough!  She knows a "steal" when she sees one!  

Did you note that it was "tucked behind" other stuff.  The BEST stuff usually is hidden.  We furniture flippers know that what others may discard as a "not worthy to be front and center" item is exactly the things we are looking to nab!   We see the beauty in what others overlook.  (Although the before picture shows this chair is clearly a beauty.)

Once home with her new purchase of old furniture, she got busy on it.   After using some wood filler, homemade chalk paint (< love that!), sandpaper, new "distressed Fleur De Lis" fabric and two coats of wax, she was finished.  

That leads to the question...which came first the fabric name or her business name?  Hhmmm...one of life's questions we are going to have to get Mamye to answer.  

Back to the reveal.  Are you ready?  Here you go...

Isn't it lovely?  I think so!  A lot of other people did, too.  Immediately upon posting the end result, she had offers to purchase.  Mamye herself loved it and kind of wanted to keep it, but she knew that more joy comes from sending it on to a new home to be loved.

You can visit Mamye at The Distressed Fleur De Lis and see more of her beautiful work.  If you are in the market for something yourself, let her know!  She would love to help you out.  

Thanks Mamye at The Distressed Fleur De Lis for letting us feature your superb furniture flip!  


  1. Stephanie, you caught me on your ceiling fan fb post. Your blog is fantastic as well and Your directory idea will be a great resource. Looking forward.
    Richard Decater
    The Carpenter's Shop San Miguel

  2. Thanks Richard! I'm glad you are here! :-)

  3. I love chairs and this is a great one! Turned out awesome! Love all the detail! And I agree with Richard! You are pretty awesome!


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