Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Fabulous Thrift Store Flip

Sharon Peters of Okotoks, Alberta submitted this fun flip she recently did.  She found this little chest of drawers at a local thrift store for the small sum of 20$.  We've seen a piece like this before, haven't we flippers?  We have a similar one upstairs in our guest room.  You probably do, too, or it's in your workshop waiting for it's own re-do.

Sharon recognized that this piece of furniture would be a perfect one to try out an idea she had seen on Pinterest.  She went to work stripping it, removing the dated drawer pulls and redoin' it.  THEN she took the before picture.  How many of us have done THAT?  Pretty much every single one of of us!  We are so excited to start a new piece we just jump right in.  
Sharon threw out the pulls before she realized that 4 1/4" ones are now hard to come by.  Not to be sidetracked by that she improvised and used ribbon.  (That's another sign of a good furniture flipper - just roll with it.)  

Midway through the project it looked like this...

Sharon kept working on it.  When she was all finished she had a new updated and gorgeous chest of drawers that makes a perfect bedside table.



Isn't that sweet?  We LOVE the contrast between the wood and the white.  The ribbon pulls look fabulous.  We think she did a flippin' fantastic job!

Sharon doesn't have a blog or Facebook page yet, but she's working on it and when she does, we will let you know.  Until then, leave her some love in the comment section and encourage her to join the ranks.  

Thanks so much Sharon for letting us feature your furniture flip! 


  1. Gorgeous....I'm looking for some vintage pieces...I live near Raleigh, NC...any ideas??

  2. The ribbon handles/pulls are adorable :) Cute Piece! Great job!

  3. The stain looks great! Nice piece and well done!

  4. That turned out so pretty! I love the color stain you used...very pretty. Please join facebook and a blog then I can also 'pin'. :)

  5. What a great transformation!!!

  6. Am I the only one seeing those curly-cues?!?! How were those done?!?!?! Super cute!


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