Monday, May 6, 2013

Olive You Chester (Drawers) !

Okay, I do know this piece of furniture is called a chest of drawers but I have to giggle when people runitalltogether and it sounds like "chester drawers".  

Now, Chester (Oh heck, I'm going with it!) was in need of a makeover and our friends at Bella Nouveau Furniture Creations were happy to oblige.  

Here is Chester before...

They had removed his handles in preparation for his new look.  Am I the only one that thinks those handles resemble an Eagle?  Tell me I'm not.  

They set to work on him deciding to let the beauty of the wood inlay top speak for itself and chose a color combination for the rest of the piece.  The new colors make him stand out in a crowd of other Drawers named Chester.  

Are you ready for Chester's reveal?  Take a look....

Now he looks up to date and younger than his years.  

Don't you want to take him home?  Well, you can't!  He's taken!  But, you can contact Bella Nouveau Furniture Creations and tell them you'd like a Chester of your own.  They love to do custom work and make their customers happy.  They are working on their website but in the meantime check them out on Facebook!

Thanks Bella Nouveau Furniture Creations for letting us feature your furniture flip!  


  1. Great Makeover! Love the mix of colors!

  2. Awesome! I just read it and had to laugh. One of my ideas is to write a book and call it "The people of craigslist". It will be full of all the funnies I run across, Chester Drawers being one of them. Then there is the "Naughty Pine table" for sale, The gorgeous dresser with "duck-tailed drawers", and that super nice table with "pedal-stool" legs. Ha ha ha! Too, too funy stuff!

    Bella Nouveau Furniture Creations

  3. Rod iron bed is one I've seen recently!

  4. I've seen all of those made-up names and cringe still!

  5. you're not. I have always thought the drawer handle plates look like eagles. There does that make you feel some better? lol


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