Friday, May 3, 2013

From Ordinary To Extraordinary...

...that is the only way to describe today's featured furniture flip by Steve & Meg at {Furniture-Ology}.

Steve & Meg are an awesome husband and wife duo who can do it all!   Furniture repairs, restorations, complete overhauls and fun, unique makeovers as you'll see right now.  (Hey, MY Triple H - it's another husband/wife duo!  Yay!

They found a dresser for $20 at a local thrift store.  Here is what it looked like when they found it...

Can you believe that was only $20 smackeroos??  Where are these finds when I go looking??  This one was a complete STEAL.  

That picture doesn't show the defects though and there were some repairs that needed to be done.  Steve & Meg utilized wood left over from a different project they had completed and made a new top for the dresser.

Then came the really creative part of the collaboration.  They sanded, taped, painted, stained, distressed, and stained some more.  

When all was said and done, this ordinary thrift store dresser had turned into this...

anything BUT ordinary.  It's EXTRAORDINARY.  

Don't you just LOVE IT!?!  It wasn't long before this piece was SOLD!  To see all of the steps and pictures of this makeover, make a beeline over to {Furniture-Ology}.  While there, why don't you ask them to create a custom piece for you, too!  They can pretty much do anything.  You can also visit with them on their Facebook Page.  Give them a like and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'!  When I see what they are up to,  I want to tag along with them because they find the coolest stuff in their daily travels and use them in ways that put a new spin on 'em.  You will, too, once you start exploring their blog.  A-MAZING stuff!  I call shotgun!

Thanks so much Steve & Meg for letting us feature your incredible furniture flip!


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  2. I love this!!!!! Now I really have tothink about the dresser I have to do!

  3. Wow what a steal! Love the new look!


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