Friday, February 19, 2016

This Is, Like, Sew Cool!

I see how you are!  Were you at all concerned that I was here on Monday with a new blog post and a promise to see you on Tuesday and then I didn't show up?  Not Tuesday, Or Wednesday, or even on the all important Grey's Anatomy Thursday?  (Which used to be known as Knot's Landing Thursday.)  I didn't see any news reports on me.  Larry, Robin, Paul and the rest of the WGN Morning News Team didn't run a story on me every twenty minutes. I didn't hear of any search parties being formed.  What the heck?  Unless you follow me on Facebook and KNEW I was cast down by a cold/flu bug, there is really no excuse for your lack of movement on my behalf.  WOW!  Just WOW!  Here I thought I knew you people!  So much for a "GoFundMe" page if ever a ransom for my return is needed to be raised.  (I can hear my family now, "They'll return you within a week.")  You don't know that!  Glad to know you are willing to gamble though! Risky, if you ask me!

Sorry to disappoint you but I'm BACK!  Like it or not!  I'm healthy and hacking a lot less.  I was able to pass my sickness onto the next person and if I have to wrestle my son's gas mask off of his darling face to stay well, well, I will.  I won't punish all of you though for the actions of a few.  Nope.  I'm not that kind of person.  So, here's a very cool Furniture Flip to take us into the weekend!  Brought to us by Jennifer of Jennifer Clayton Designs.

Our flippin' pal Jennifer is a lot like me but don't hold that against her.  She loves taking cast off, unusable items and giving them a new purpose.  She is always up for a challenge and what started as a hobby, has become something that feeds her creative soul.  Take for instance, this old sewing machine table.  It had lived a hard working life.  Gave it it's ALL.  Working hard, sewing it's little oiled heart out, until one day it's operations ceased.  It was like it's little machine guts were ripped right out of it's body.  No farewell gathering, no watch, no tears from anyone's eyelets, no long yarns about it's many years of service...just a "you're out of here/don't let the door hit you!" kind of thing and it was over.  Cheer up guy.  Jennifer is kind hearted.  She's taken in other retirees and given them a fulfilling future to look forward to...she'll do the same for you.  Promise.  Pinking shears promise pal. 

And that is exactly what she did.  She performed a surgical separation procedure on you that would make the Doctors at Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital proud.  And she did it without any trips to the on call room, any imbibing of spirits at Joe's or ANY stops at the Space Needle.  Seriously?  Seriously!  

To further transform you, it was Jennifer and Jennifer alone who performed every task of your makeover.  No trips to Jackson Avery in Plastics for you!  Nope!  Jennifer herself used multiple techniques to get you the look you have today.  She used a homemade Grey chalk paint, cherry stain, she decoupaged napkins on top, and distressed you all over.  Then she applied a General Finishes topcoat on your top and a clear wax on both of your bodies.  Let's take a look at you (two) now.  

See!!  That just PROVES what I've been saying all along!  If I only had my middle section removed I'd look so much slimmer!!  Look at the after!  Slim!  The before?  Wide!  

I think that is an awesome flip!  You can visit with Jennifer on her Jennifer Clayton Designs Facebook page.  You can see her items in person (and purchase today's flip) at A Niche In Time located in Hartville, Ohio.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your amazing furniture flip!

Have you submitted your flip yet?  What are you waiting for?  Send me before/after pictures with a bunch of details to  Hurry!  Limited time offer.  Maybe.  
Have a nice weekend!
~ Stephanie


  1. I thought for sure it was going to become a kitchen island. ;) I will admit though, they make great nightstands!

    1. I love the size of them. So unique. Plus, I can never have enough drawers to stash crap in. Haha.


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