Friday, January 29, 2016

Ain't Nothing Fishy About It...

There was a time when a fish aquarium was the focal point of our family room. My stepdad had built it into the wall along with a place for the television, stereo and speakers,VHS tapes and the dust that I liked to collect. (See the dust? Don't judge me. My oldest two were little and I was busy.)

We enjoyed this fishtank. We watched fish come and go. One little baby goldfish was named "Pizza Hut" by my daughter. We called it Pizza Hut until she started calling EVERYONE Pizza Hut. By the time we realized she thought Pizza Hut was a bad word (I can still hear her little voice, "you PIZZA HUT!!") little Pizza Hut was dead and flushed down the toilet.

After a while, the built-in fish aquarium lost its coolness factor. It was a pain to take care of and the back part of it took up too much space in the closet behind the wall. Out it came. Now, I could tell you we repurposed all of it, but there wasn't much we could repurpose. There was a mantel that spanned the entire length of it and that we kept for another project. The rest was burn pile bound.

This brings me to today's flip. Had we owned an aquarium on a metal stand, we might have thought of doing this project that Dee from DeeConstructed did. Truthfully, I probably wouldn't have thought of it. Until now.

If you saw this discarded piece of metal by the side of the road on garbage pickup day you probably wouldn't have given it a second look, let alone dragged it into the back of your vehicle and hauled it home. Well, I guarantee you that you will never EVER think of leaving something like this languishing on the curb once you see what our talented furniture flipper did to it.

Dee dragged that baby back to her place and gave it a makeover. She worked on some rust spots and added wood for a table top and also a shelf below. (I'm glossing over some of the details because you need to read her version of this transformation on her blog. I'm not going to spill all of the beans here. Plus, she has more pictures.)

When it was all finished and a picture was snapped and posted, it sat idle for all of ten minutes. Yep, 600 seconds was all it took for her neighbor to come knocking, fork over the money, and haul that baby home.

When I tell you I think of this project a lot, I'm not exaggerating. My son has this chalkboard wall area in his apartment and I totally want him to have a smaller version of this to use as his coffee bar. I even had a lengthy text exchange with him and sent him to Dee's blog to see it. He's on board with it. Why wouldn't he be? It's gorgeous and very urban chic. I almost forgot to show you the after.

See what Dee did? Magnificient! Now hurry off to DeeConstructed and see what else this talented lady has been up to!

Get your flips in! We want to see what you've been up to lately! Email me at Send before/after pictures and all the details you can spare. You could be tomorrow's flip!

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