Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello Norma Jean!

Well, looky here!  Wonders never cease!  I've got another new blog post for you this week!  This one I actually wrote almost a year ago before I took my writing sabbatical.  That's what I'm calling it - a sabbatical.  Sounds fancier too.  

I'm breaking one of my cardinal rules here on Furniture Flippin' in a big way!  Let me say that it's not too often that I let the "no before pic" rule be broken.  I think that's only happened three or four times.  This one though is too good not to share so out the window went the rule. 

I came across the "after" picture of today's flip as I was killing time and avoiding housework on the World Wide Web.   I think I had actually just pushed the start button on the dryer for the third time when I spotted it.  (Oh, and when I went to fold the clothes the dryer was empty!  Happens.  All.  The.  Time.)  I contacted Karen the talented mastermind behind Funque Vintage of Bellville, Texas and asked if I could show it off for her.  She said yes!  (Thanks Karen!)

Karen began this flip with an early 1900's English Dresser.  Karen is originally from the U.K.  She stripped the dresser to the bare wood.  Then she went about fancying it up.  

She had a gorgeous poster of Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean which she adhered to the front.  Then she painted the drawers in silver metallic and used foil to add the black on the sides.  
The original hardware was replaced with what looks like jewels, but it's not. 

Can you imagine if that WAS the size of the rock on your ring finger?  A girl (me) can dream.  Check out the rock that Triple H gave me on our wedding day.  Seriously.  We were married a couple of days before Independence Day and they were selling them at a street dance aka our wedding reception.  I still have it and it still lights up.  As do I whenever he walks in a room.    

But this isn't about me and my big spender husband.  (It cost $5.00.  That's like 500 pennies.  WOW!)  This is about the gorgeous chest of drawers that Karen of Funque Vintage created.

Let's take a look at that after picture, shall we?


See!?!?!  Didn't I tell you it was gorgeous? 

I adore this dresser.  Karen admits that "Norma Jean" remains one of her all time favorite flips she has done.  You can see more of Karen's work on her Funque Vintage Facebook page.  You can also visit Funque Vintage at their location 13 E. Main Street, Bellville, Texas.  There they not only offer chic vintage furnishings for your home, but painting classes, plus a variety of services for the home, including consultations, personal shopping, furniture refinishing and custom furnishings, and last but not least a vast selection of faux finishes for your home.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'. 

Thanks so much Karen for sharing Norma Jean with us!  She's a beauty!

So, is the Furniture Flippin' blog back?  It could be.  Will it be five days a week?  Eh, I don't know yet.  Can you submit a flip?  Yessiree Bob and Bobera (<< fancy way of saying Barbara), you sure can!  Email me at .  If you do submit a flip, I need before & after pictures, (during pictures we love, too!) some details on the furniture and what wonderful things you did to it.  All that, and a medium regular Iced Coffee from McDonalds left on my doorstep is some of what goes into a feature on Furniture Flippin'.  I'll be watching for your email (and the iced coffee).
Now, go leave a comment.  I've missed you.
~ Stephanie 


  1. Love Karen's work over at Funque Vintage.........this is a great share of her transformation!


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