Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tag-Teaming It In Nashville...

We've got a tag-teaming duo in Nashville, TN and together they make up All Things Painted - Repurposed & Reinvented Furnishings.  Allow me to introduce you to Sonda and Tiffany.  The two of them are always scouting out furniture and have found themselves in some scary places in search of the next piece.  They believe (rightly so) that there is safety in numbers.  (Not to mention it's always a heck of a lot of FUN to be working with your BFF!)   With today's flip though, it wasn't so much the area it was purchased, but the sticker shock that almost scared Sonda off.  Sonda was at a flea market and this piece sat with two other pieces being offered for sale by an elderly gentleman.  The price tag of $80 initially deterred her from the purchase but as the day came to a close and the man was still sitting with his three lonely items, Sonda felt compelled to buy it and take it back to the workshop to make over.

Sonda writes, "When I got it to my workshop I wasn't happy with the restoration requirements.  Lots of wood glue, new trim board, new pulls, sanding, paint and I built shelves inside."

On this particular piece Tiffany base painted it in a yellow and then applied a custom Peacock green and a Robin's Egg blue paint over it.  Then Sonda stepped in and did the detail work.   She freehanded the silhouette painting on the door and then stenciled the wording on the bottom of the piece.  

Let's take a look at the entire wardrobe, shall we?

This piece sold within one week of being finished.  

That doesn't surprise me in the least.

You can find more wonderful examples of their work on their All Things Painted Facebook page.  Be prepared to stay there for awhile because they have some amazing pieces to show you.  In addition to the All Things Painted page, you can find Sonda's artwork on her Sonda's Easel Facebook page.  

Let's take one more look at it...

No detail was overlooked on this piece, that's clearly evident.  Just beautiful!  Head on over to their Facebook page and let Sonda & Tiffany know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much ladies for sharing your amazing furniture flip!

Dear readers, don't forget to get your flip in, too!  You don't have to have a furniture flippin' business to be featured.  This blog is also currently accepting your witty comments.  So get a typing!  Dull ones are welcome, too, not that I've found a dull one on here yet. 
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 



  1. Beautiful.....I have a cedar wardrobe that belonged to my Grandmother but I can't bring myself to paint it. Several years ago I stripped it and redid it, replacing the knob but not sure about painting it.....You did a great job.

  2. Love their work, a lot of creation put into every piece.


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