Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Furniture Flippin'!

Oh, little blog what a fun year it has been with you.  Who'd a thunk that out of a bored Midwest Farmer's daughter-in-law's need to be creative and do something that didn't require her to come up with a DIY project. Every.  Single.  Day.  You would be the result.  (WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE THAT CAN DO THAT?!?  CRAZY OVERACHIEVING BLOGGERS!  YOU'RE MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK LAZY!!)   

I tried to be a DIY blogger.  One who could be inspiring and show you neat projects and share yummy recipes.  That's not me.  No siree Bob!  Don't get me wrong.  I have my moments.  My moments when I'll be crafty.  Or do something cool.  Or bake something really good.  Who could forget my upcycled change vessel?  

Or my creative tip for dealing with leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes?  

In the end, it was my love of furniture combined with my love of writing combined with my tendency to be a slacker who doesn't mind others doing the lion's share of the work that all added up to become you - Furniture Flippin'.  

Through you FF I have met very talented Furniture Flippers and wonderful readers whom I adore.  (FF reminds me of Farrah Fawcett.  Which reminds me that my stepdad nicknamed me Farrah because I wore my hair like hers.  Which makes me think of the day Farrah passed away and how she was upstaged by the fact that Michael Jackson died a few hours later and the news all focused on him instead of our Charlie's Angel.)     

On this blog, I am able to whip up stories that may have something to do with the flip I'm showing our readers and may not have anything at all to do with the flip I'm showing our readers.  I can ramble and weave a story into the mix and our readers hang right in there with me, encouraging me every step of the way because they know how ones mind can work.  We're all more alike than we are different.  Plus, they all have a wonderful sense of humor.  I like that about them.  Furniture Flippin' has the BEST readers.  EVER.  

I think of this blog as my 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy minus the smut and the movie spin-off and the millions of dollars that Trilogy generated in income.  Although, I have used chains before on a flip.  (Why can grey be spelled grEy and grAy?  Always throws me when someone paints a piece grey or when I'm posting about Grey's Anatomy.)  (Great!  Now Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is in my head.  Can't he let ANYONE have their own day?)  (Because of the chain pic not the Grey's reference - perv.)

Some of the people who are out on the WORLD WIDE WEB and find themselves on this blog may not read the stories but just like to check out the flips and that's okay, too.  I want them to be inspired by the furniture.  I want them to want to go out and save a piece of furniture.  I want to show everyone THEIR FLIP when they are done so that people can see HOW FABULOUSLY TALENTED THEY ARE.  
(Gosh!  How this blogger rambles.  She sure is long winded.  I feel sorry for her poor husband if she talks that much in real life.  How come we never see a picture of her husband?)

Lest a reader has just stumbled on to this blog today for the very first time and is getting the impression that I only write and don't actually DO any Furniture Flippin' of my own, well, they'd be wrong.  Check out Steff's Stuff.  In the past year, my handsome handy husband & I have created two entertainment consoles, a triple rocking chair, furnished an apartment on the cheap, among other projects.  We are currently deep into flippin' furniture for the first member of the next generation of our family which I'll show you when it's complete.  (You can see snippets of our progress via our Facebook page.  When Steffie is working you can guarantee she'll take frequent breaks and bombard you with pics on there.)  

There is something you should know about this day, April 19th.  I chose this day one year ago to begin the blog for a reason.  It is my dad's birthday.  I felt that choosing his birthday would be good luck for the blog.  I was correct. 

Happy Birthday Dad!  You would be 74 today.  I wish you were here.  I'd make you a German Chocolate cake if you were.  I hope your party in Heaven today is a fun one!  If Farrah shows up, know that I arranged that.  Rebecca & Lee Ann had nothing to do with it.  (Hehehehe...) You are greatly missed and deeply loved Dad.  Tell my brother I miss him and give him a big hug from me.  

There you have it!  Furniture Flippin' - Happy 1st Birthday!  Here's to many more.  Here's to all of the fabulous flips we will see in the next year of your existence.  Here's to all of the phenomenal Furniture Flippers who are always on the lookout for their next flip and whose cars sit outside because they can't fit in the garage due to the stockpile of furniture.  Here's to all of our wonderful readers who make this blog so much fun. 
Thank you.
~ Stephanie


  1. Happy Birthday. Best Furniture flipping blog around.

  2. Stephanie,
    I'm so happy you started this make me laugh so much...but I really love how you invite us in to your life...the joys and the sadness. I'm sending my Dad over to your Dad's party today, he loved German Chocolate cake too. Cheers to Year 2 and all the fun ahead!
    Carol :)

  3. Happy birthday to the blog. I love reading it (yes I do actually read it). I love seeing all these great flips, including yours Ms Step, I get inspired and am amazed by what people come up with.

    1. Thanks so much Diane! You do some really great flips yourself! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday and many more to come!!! Can I have a margarita too?

    1. Jalapeno Margaritas all around Melissa! Thanks so much! :-)

  5. Love your blog. Love your humor and we share one special thing. MyDads Birthday April 19 and the one hope he had in later year's no Tragedies on the 19th

    1. I hear you there Kathryn! There seemed to be a lot on that date and around that date. I'm hoping no more, too! :-)


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