Monday, February 10, 2014

From One Generation To The Next...

...and then on to the next generation.  This the story of how a grandmother's bedroom dresser became a cherished piece of furniture in her granddaughter's home.

Meet Kaylor of The Fisherman's Wife.  Kaylor's maternal grandparents owned a circa 1980's bedroom set.  When her grandfather passed away a few years ago, the set was passed onto Kaylor's mother.  She had it in an upstairs bedroom not being used and collecting dust.  Kaylor says, "I think it was too hard for my mom to do anything with it so I asked my grandmother if I could have it and if she would mind if I refinished it.   She just said to take care of it.  My grandparents are my favorite people in the entire world so this really meant a lot to me."

At that time, Kaylor had done a furniture redo or two for her own home but hadn't yet tried the distressing/antiquing/glazing technique.  She decided this would be the piece she would try it on.  She did some reading and researching, finally settling on a look she liked.  Then she went for it.  

She stripped the finish from the top using many applications of stripper along with plenty of sanding.  The bare wood was then stained Walnut.  The body of the dresser was painted a satin white, distressed in random areas with 220 grit and she did a heavy, messy glaze with dark walnut stain.  Kaylor painted the original hardware flat black.  

Let's take a look at the stunning after of her grandparent's dresser...

It doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture.  Say what you want about wood, but this color combination makes the details of this dresser stand out.  They were lost before in a sea of dark brown.  I love it.  Without the mirror, it easily lends itself to a variety of uses.  In the picture above they used it in their entryway.  Now, Kaylor tells me it's become their coffee bar and they get a lot of use out of it each day.  I bet her grandmother is pleased.  

Kaylor aka The Fisherman's Wife began her business in New Orleans.  They've since relocated to the Houston/Galveston area of Texas.  She welcomes custom furniture work.  You can follow along with all of Kaylor and her handsome handy husband's DIY projects and furniture makeovers on her blog, The Fisherman's Wife.  Be sure to also stop by The Fisherman's Wife Facebook page you just might find something she is working on that you can't live without.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks Kaylor for sharing your spectacular furniture flip!  

Dear readers, if this post seems familiar it's because it's a rerun.  If the TV networks can do it, so can I!  This flip originally ran on November 27, 2013.  I'm taking a little break but will be back in a few days with new flips.  If you'd like to be a part of our blog, here's how you do can send me a before and after picture of a furniture flip you have done along with a lot of details (please).  You don't have to have a furniture flippin' business to be featured here.  It can be a flip for yourself.  Email me at .
 ~ Stephanie


  1. I wanna know what you did with the top...i see many of them in the restore, thrift, goodwills, with out the dresser.

  2. I have a similar piece that was passed down to me. I was going to do it in all black, but now...not so sure. Great Job!

  3. I love this look! The color with the glaze is perfect!

  4. My daughter just inherited one of these! Can't wait to show her this one! I am curious what she did with the top! Really enjoy seeing your FB post! Lisa Caldwell


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