Monday, January 20, 2014

This Blog Is For The Dog...

Those of you who have pets know how much a part of the family they become.  They are like children in some cases.  Me?  I don't currently have a pet.  I do have three children and some days, they are like pets.  There's my son Zach.  

Pictured in the doghouse are my two younger children, Taylor Jo and Matthew.  Relax, I didn't put that lampshade on my son.  He was being goofy.  (Although, what a great idea if you have a toddler who bites.)  My other two kids?  They were helping build a really cool dog house for our last dog a few years ago.  Now, had our dog not been huge and always wanting to rock her days away we might have considered doing what Dionna from Radioactive Interiors did for her dog.  

When Dionna found this older French Provincial console television, she knew exactly what she was going to do with it.  It would become luxury living for her dog Paris.

Dionna gutted the interior.  She admits that it took quite awhile to do that with all of the components and screws holding it in place.  Once that was done, she put a good solid piece of wood in the bottom and lined it with pink fur.  She chose to use her favorite wall paper for the back wall.  The outside of the television was given a makeover using Martha Stewart's Silver Metallic and Sherwin Williams paint in white and purple.  The top was personalized for little Paris.  

Let's check out Paris and her friend in this newly finished haute dog house...

Tres chic!  I think that is cute as heck.  What doggie wouldn't want to be seen hanging out in those digs!  I love it.  

(Is anybody else thinking of a different Paris and her former BFF?  No?  Must just be me then.) 

You can follow along on the adventures of Dionna and Radioactive Interiors (what a cool name!) on her Radioactive Interiors Facebook page.  Stop by and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  She is located in Greenwood, Indiana and I hear she has more of these upscale doggie digs in the works.  If you are in Indiana, check Radioactive Interiors out.  You might just find something you can't live without.

Thanks so much Dionna for sharing your fun furniture flip!  

Okay dear readers, if you have a furniture flip you'd like to share, please email me before and after pictures along with a lot of details to .  If you don't hear from me right away, don't worry.  It takes me awhile sometimes.  One day I'll just surprise you out of the blue and the feature will be YOU.
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. I love this! All my makeovers become dog or cat beds eventually. Not by design, they just get taken over

    1. That's funny!! Don't forget to send in your own makeovers for me to share. I'd love to see them!

  2. So pretty for her dogs!!

    I have an old TV that I'm making over, but IF I was making it for MY dog, I couldn't do it up fancy because she'd tear it all up trying to "make it her own kind of shabby."

  3. how cute. paris and her buddy (nicole!) look like divas in their new bed!

  4. What a great reuse for that cabinet! I've used end tables to make dog beds before but since I'm petless I can only make them with someone to give it to in mind!

  5. Haha very nice!!! I love seeing the newest and coolest ideas. Great job.

  6. OMG that "after" pic could not be staged more perfectly! Adorbs!


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