Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coffee? Tea? Oh, Just Wait 'Til You See!

What do you find yourself reaching for when it's time to quench your thirst?  Do you do the Dew? Have a Coke & a smile? Or is your choice the choice of a new generation?  No matter where your loyalties like in the Cola Wars, you'll have to admit that THIS flip is hip! 

Meet the tag team duo of Dionne & Kyle of Simply Charmed.  Recently, Kyle took on the task of making over this Waterfall dresser.

This wasn't going to be any old makeover.  He decided to totally change the look of it.  He changed it so much you will find yourself questioning whether it is really a dresser or is it actually a soda machine.  You'll think Kyle is trying to pull a fast one.  

Kyle transformed this piece into a replica of an old Pepsi-Cola machine.  Right down to the bottle opener on the side.  He did it with the help of paint from the American Paint Company in the colors of Shining Seas and Home Plate.  He added some silver accent pieces and then fully waxed it.  It's nothing short of amazing.

Let's take a look at it...

It's hard to believe that if you stuck a dime in there that a bottle of Pepsi wouldn't actually appear.  It looks that real.  It's still, however, a fully functioning dresser.  

Lucky person it'll be that buys this baby up!  Yep!  It's for sale.  (I can't say for how long though - LOOK AT IT!  Who wouldn't snatch that up!?!)  If you'd like to be the proud owner of this dresser, it's pretty simple.  Just contact Kyle or Dionne at Simply CharmedSimply Charmed is an arts and crafts gallery located in Gladwin, Michigan.  There you will find artwork, crafts and jewelry made by over 90 local Gladwin and Michigan artisans. You'll also find gourmet foods, candies, coffees and teas, many "Made in Michigan". 

You can check them out on their Simply Charmed website or visit them on their Simply Charmed Facebook page.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  Let's take another last look at this ridiculously rad furniture flip...

Thanks so much Dionne & Kyle for sharing your spectacular furniture flip!

Dear readers, if you have a furniture flip you'd like to show off just email me!  Send your before and after pictures along with a bunch of details on your piece to .  There are just a couple more flips until we close out this year.  I wonder who will be up next?
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Simply Charmed is an amazing spot in the little town of Gladwin. Both Dionne and Kyle have a great eye for art. They are a wonderful couple who work so well together and feed off of each others thoughts. We love to watch their creativity come to life. We know there is so much more to come.


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