Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time After Time...

We're traveling to Virginia today and checking in on our friend Susan of Stone Creek Redesigns and Finds.  Recently Susan found this circa 1978 Grandfather clock.  It was not in working order and after she priced replacement parts, a decision was made to reinvent this piece.  So, she stripped the rest of the parts from it to sell online and set about giving this a new use.  It was to become a combination message board/coat rack/umbrella stand.  

It received several coats of Navajo White by American Paint Company while the inside got a couple of coats of APC paint in Dollar Bill.  The plexiglass where the face had been was given coats of chalkboard paint both inside and out.

Susan didn't want the future contents of the coat rack/umbrella stand to be seen from the outside so she  created a reverse stencil and tacked it to the inside of the glass using spray adhesive.  Then, she took a can of frosted glass spray and coated it several times. (GENIUS!)  

To complete the bottom of this clock redo, Susan chose a hotel sign typography from the Graphics Fairy and transferred it.  Then she filled it in with a paint pen and sanded. 

After a little waxing and distressing, Susan was finished.  Her new multi-purpose makeover of an outdated Grandfather clock was complete.  
Was it time well spent?  I'd say so!  Especially considering that it sold almost immediately!  
See for yourself...

Isn't a beauty?  What a great save!  It's subtly reminding me that there is a non-working Grandfather clock in a second hand store in my little town that I passed by because it didn't work.  Shame on me!  But, I didn't yet have this piece for inspiration.  Susan, I'm sure my husband will thank you for this when I drag him with me to see if it's still available.  

You can find Susan on her blog Simply Stone Creek.  There you'll find even more pictures of this makeover plus all of the other great pieces she has done.  She's a talented lady and her work shows it.  If you find yourself in Fredericksburg, VA make sure you stop and see their booth located at Deep Creek Vintage.  You won't go home empty handed.  For you fans of Facebook, check out Stone Creek Redesigns and Finds on their Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks Susan for sharing your spectacular new use for an old object!

One more feature tomorrow and we'll be closing the door on another week of "As The Furniture Turns".  Will it be your makeover tomorrow?  There's no chance of that unless you have sent in your before/after pictures and all of the details.  Email us at . Time's a ticking...

~ Stephanie


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