Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Giant China Cabinet And A Couple Of Kathleens...

It is one's hope that when you visit a trendy hair salon that you will leave looking your absolute best.  Well, in the case of today's furniture flip, it ARRIVED at the salon looking the BEST it's ever looked...all thanks to the two Kathleens of Sandpaper.  (Isn't that just the coolest and simplest name?  Sandpaper.  Who'd a thunk it?  Them, that's who!)

The girls of Sandpaper found this ginormous beast of a china cabinet and lugged that baby back to their workspace.  Then they started brainstorming.  You know what they say!  Two Kathleens are better than one!  (I don't know...I don't think anybody really says that but in this case it works.)  

They settled on making this an open shelf display cabinet.  Once they began, they found that it needed a lot more work than it first appeared.  Did that scare them off?  Heck no!

They took it apart and saw that the top had a lot of damage.  So, they swapped it for a new one.
They removed the glass doors, glass sides, and replaced the bottom damaged shelf.  They took the gold metal parts from the front doors and repurposed them on the side of the shelves.  (Genius!)  They also special ordered glass shelves for it.  

Then came the fun part.  The making her pretty again part.  They painted her with Annie Sloan Graphite and Old White.  Then sanded, waxed it with clear wax and then dark wax on the detailed parts.  

Now mid-way through the project they had to set her aside while they worked their magic on some pieces for the opening of the Amber Gold Salon.  It was while working on those pieces that they learned the salon owner was looking for a display case for her shop.  Lightbulb moment!  They had just the thing for her to use. 

Are you ready for the reveal?  It's a beauty and commands a lot of attention at it's new location...

Gorgeous!!!  You have to check out their Sandpaper blog for the step by step of this makeover.  I skipped over some of the details, but you are going to want to see the steps in pictures, too.  So, get on over there.  The girls of Sandpaper are located in Indiana.  They can pretty much do anything.  They love all things vintage, pretty, and anything that needs to be refreshed and loved again.  They're in the process of opening up their own shop.  You can check them out on their Sandpaper Facebook page, too.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks Kathleen and Kathleen for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!  

If you have a furniture flip you'd like us to share, feel free to email us before & after pics plus all of the details to .  The more info the better!  Now, get out there and rescue some furniture people!  

~ Stephanie


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    1. Who'd a thunk it? Genius redo and reuse of it! It'll have a nice long life now in that beauty shop!


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