Friday, October 4, 2013

Back That Truck Up And Park It Right Here...

We are an Oldsmobile family.  My parents always owned Oldsmobiles and if you've followed us on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page, you know we own an Oldsmobile, too.  Well, I have to say...I've now fallen in love with a Chevy.  Not just any old Chevy either.  I'm going to introduce you today to the object of my affection...

First, meet Pam.  She's the very talented artist of Wild Heart Studio  who is responsible for today's furniture flip.  I couldn't type up this blog post fast enough after seeing it.  She started with this Waterfall style headboard/footboard she found at a local Goodwill.  

The moment Pam saw it her mind raced to '53 Chevy!!  Who does that?  Who IMMEDIATELY knows what they want to do with an old discarded piece of furniture the MINUTE they see it?  PAM, that's who!  This bed was to become an awesomely cool bench.  (I need a Thesaurus!  There aren't enough adjectives in my vocabulary to express my joy at this flip.)  Her inspiration for this piece was her very own '53 Chevy.  

She built a bench out of the bed.  Carefully crafting it into her vision.  She placed metal reactive paint to areas that she wanted to appear "rusty".  She took her artist skills and turned that bench into the most amazing out of this world too cool I can't stop staring at it because I'm in love with it bench I've ever seen.  

Take a look at this...

WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?!?!?  Look at that!!  Flippin' spectacular!!  It looks like rusty metal and chrome, and LOOK!!  There are lights on it!

Here's some close-ups...

Amazing attention to detail.   You have to go check out the step-by-step of her project.  Go on over to the Wild Heart Studio and see it all for yourself.  There are more pictures on there and you will leave there so inspired by the sheer brilliance of this new use for an old piece of furniture.  AND, get this...all of the proceeds from the sale of Wild Heart Studio's upcycled repurposed art for your home goes to support all of the rescued animals at her Wild Heart Ranch and to local shelters and the ASPCA.  She sells her items online, and at Architectural Salvage in Chattanooga, TN and The Caboose in Cowan, TN.  

Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam!  Thank you so much for sharing this jaw dropping furniture flip.  What a way to end a week and begin a weekend!

Readers, check out Wild Heart Studio on Facebook, too.  Become a fan and follow their work.  Let 'em know you saw 'em on Furniture Flippin'.

If you have a furniture flip you'd like to share with us, please do!  Email us at .  We get so excited when we see old furniture made new again we can't help but tell everyone we know.  

So, ends another week of "As The Furniture Turns".  We'll be back on Monday with a whole new one to show you!  See you then!  Be safe everybody!

~ Stephanie


  1. This is just so creative and cool!

  2. My husband would love this bench! He is a Chevy person all the way. What an awesome flip!

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  4. That 'tailgate' looks about as real as is possible for not being the real thing! Totally, completely, unbelieveably AWESOME!!


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