Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't You Ever Look At Me Like I've Lost My Mind Again...

...that is directed at the people I encounter who think I've gone mad when I've grabbed something out of the trash pile and screamed, "Don't throw that out!  I can USE THAT!"  You people should know by now that there is an entire UPCYCLING REVOLUTION going on in the world.  Yes, there is!  I'm not the only one who does it.  And yes, if all of my fellow upcyclers/furniture flippers jumped off of a bridge, I would, too.  As long as the bridge was a little garden bridge in somebody's backyard.  I may be slightly goofy but I'm not stupid.

I love, love, LOVE when somebody thinks outside of the box.  That's exactly what today's featured flippers did.  

Meet the creative team behind Marmie's Empty Nest Creations.  They took 3 beautiful chairs, a coffee table, a headboard, 2 end tables, an old beatup desk top and some wrought iron railing that was in their junk pile at their farm and used their imagination.  

Twila and her very own *handsome handy husband Jerry took all of the elements pictured above and went to work creating the perfect seating area for a local business.  (Wow, there are alot of you *Triple H's out there!  We should get you all together some weekend for a play date while us wives go junkin'.)

Out of the old headboard, an end table, some wrought Iron railing and an old desk top they created a very unique bench.  Once it was built, they finished it in FAT Paint Warm White, Cream and a custom color mixed expressly to compliment the fabric.  

Here's the bench...

They painted the two chairs and coffee table to match.  The chairs were recovered in a coordinating fabric.  

Check them out...
A funny thing happened upon delivery though...they had created the bench at their shop and the chairs were done at their house.  When they got them all together they noticed the bench was a little too tall.  So, after this picture was snapped, they returned it to their shop and as Twila says, "amputated a couple of inches off the legs of the bench."  All is well that ends well!  It is now happily ensconced at Paper Blush and many a happy couple uses that area to pick their wedding invitations.  

It truly IS a "happily ever after".  

Now, doesn't that inspire you to drive around your town on garbage day and look for finds?!?  

You can visit with Twila and Jerry on their Marmie's Empty Nest Creations Facebook page.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  They are located in Camrose, Alberta, Canada and they find great satisfaction in rescuing old pieces of furniture and giving them a second chance.

Well done!  Thanks so much Twila for sharing your furniture flip!  


  1. Stunning! What a great way to look at something unused and remake them into WOW items! Great Flip! ;)

  2. I love the way the bench looks. I really like the iron under the seat. Great job.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring Marmies Empty Nest.. It is so nice of you, you made my day:) Have a fantastic day out there!


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