Friday, August 2, 2013

Proof That I Can Flip, Too!

Triple H likes to say to me ALL THE TIME, "Well, you've got the talking part done."  Yes, I have grand ideas and plans.  It's the carrying out of those plans where the problems lie.  That's where he comes into play.  He is a doer.  The man does not stop working.  It usually takes him being out there with me, keeping me on task, for me to complete a project.  I can't help it.  My mind wanders and I get bored easily.  That's why the Park Ridge Project was so perfect for me.  I had all of these furniture pieces to redo in a short amount of time and I could flit from one piece to the next whenever the mood struck me.  Usually I rolled from one piece to the next on Triple H's creeper chair.  (Little fun fact about me - the first time I used a creeper I was 16.  My stepdad was teaching me how to change the oil on a car.  I got my hair caught in the wheel of that creeper and there I was stuck under the car attached by the head to this red thing with wheels.  Fun times!)

Anyway, (see how EASILY I get off track?!?) today's flip was necessitated by the following dilemma:  We had a built-in oak entertainment center in our home.  The home I have lived in since I was 8 1/2 years old and we now own.  This entertainment center was cool when my parents built it in 1989.  At that time it had a fish tank underneath the TV area also built into the wall.  Times change, fish croak and I want a bigger closet behind the wall that this built-in shares.   That's my two oldest children when they were babies checking out the fish swimming in the tank.

Here is the built-in before we removed it but after I had attempted to paint it white and never finished it...see the missing door knobs?  See the missing trim from enlarging the TV area many years prior?  See where the fish tank used to be?  See that terribly outdated television?  And, WHY is that "Peace On Earth" sign crooked?  You can tell I wasn't staging this picture for public viewing.  Don't judge me.  I actually think I was starting to decorate for Christmas, thus the bare mantel.

So, the unit was tore out.  Triple H rebuilt the wall and the hunt began for something else to place our television on.  At this point, I'm excited because I'll be able to FINALLY rearrange that room plus I gain more closet space in the bedroom.

After much searching of the used high priced crap available in our area, I finally found this reasonably priced dresser and the gentleman threw in a free end table with it.

Nice heavy solid piece of furniture.  We took it home and got busy with it.  We removed the hardware and that bedroomy piece of curved trim at the bottom of it, replacing it with new trim.  We removed the top row of drawers and with scrap wood from my brother in law's cabinetry business, we installed a shelf.  Then we sanded and painted.  I bought new drawer pulls.  The matching end table already sported the style I was planning on using.  Bonus!!
After all was said and done, all was said and done.  We ended up with this...

Please excuse the terrible picture quality.  A Robin tried to kill me but got my camera instead.

There you have it.  I love this flip.  I've skipped a few steps of what we did.  You can see all of the details at The Hardscrabble Home.  As you can tell upon your arrival there, I'm H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E about updating that blog.  That's why I have this one.  It allows me to have a place to write and not actually do much of the work.  Hehehehe.  Thanks for that furniture flippers!  You rock!    

We've since moved on from this entertainment center.  We decided to keep our heavy metal Dumpster Dresser entertainment center.  

Have no fear though because we sold the other one to a lovely family and here it is proudly sitting in it's new home next to a chair we also did for them.

Hold on to your refinished chair, though!  I am going to be working this weekend on a new flip.  I'm going to tackle another dresser.  This one intimidates me though because it just needs a paint job and I'm better at tearing apart and putting it back together projects.  Who am I kidding?  I'm better at orchestrating Triple H tearing apart and putting it back together projects.  There's that "talking part" again.  

If you have a furniture flip you'd like to share, please email me at .  Before/after pictures plus a lot of details please.  

Thanks Triple H for all that you do!  (There's YOUR feature PAL!  Happy now?)  Seriously though, without him, his know-how, and his tools, it would just be poor me with a paintbrush and fifty half-finished projects.  After all, I'm the talker, he's the doer.  
~ Stephanie


  1. I love both the dresser do overs, they both came out great. Behind every great flipper is a great hubby poking, redirecting, and most importantly encouraging.

  2. love your site but it makes me want to save all my old furniture and do something with it!!! oh my, what to do, what to do? Have a great week!


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