Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moving On Up To A Flat Screen...

All of those who were late to join the flat screen television band wagon, raise your hands.  (Mine's up).  Come on, let today's featured furniture flipper know that she was not alone.  Those of you who still have to get up, cross the room, and change channels with a knob, however, well...put your hand down there's no excuse for that 

Susan from Names On The Jersey Shore bought a flat screen tv.  She hung hers on the wall but then needed a place to store all that comes with the television.  She didn't want something huge that would become a catch-all and one day while searching Craigslist she found something similar to this...

Hers wasn't as good as the stock photo above but it was free and that means it was a STEAL.  (See flippin' jargon above and to the right.)

She put a LOT of work into it, including cleaning it numerous times, and made it into what she had in mind.  

Here's the up-to-date, fresh and clean smelling after...

It's a looker now!  LOVE the contrast of the two colors she chose.  

For more about today's furniture flip, swim on over to Names On The Jersey Shore for the lowdown.  

Thanks Susan for letting us feature your furniture flip!

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