Friday, May 10, 2013

$5.00...$5.00...$5.00 Table....

In my best Dennis Hopper impersonation, "Pop quiz hotshot, you have $5.  Do you buy a foot long for lunch or stop by a thrift store to see what they have?  What do you do?  What do you do?"   

This may or may not have been the situation Toni at Sawdust On My Boot found herself in.  I took a little creative license there...however, she did take a jaunt into a thrift store where priced at $5 she found this...

Can you believe that!?  $5.00!  What a STEAL!

She fell in love with the octagon shape and carted it off.  Once in her possession, she went to work.  Distressing it, buffing it, sanding it, conditioning it, staining it and a whole lot of other steps which you'll just have to go to her blog and read for yourself.  I'm not giving away all of her secrets, she explains it better.  After all, she was there every step of the way doing it all.  We are just lucky enough that she is willing to show us!

Anyway, back to the best part...she's done the work, we get to revel in the reveal.  

Here it is...

Isn't she lovely?  Definitely worth more than $5.00 now!

To see all of the steps and all of the pictures of this gorgeous makeover, head over to Toni's at Sawdust On My Boot.

Thanks Toni for letting us feature your beautiful furniture flip!   


  1. Beautiful transformation! Only $5???? Holla!

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  3. Hey there, Stephanie! Thank you so much for the flattering post! I still can't believe I snagged this beauty for 5 bucks!! I am honored to be featured & I'll be flippin' another incredible piece to email you soon! Hope you have a lovely evening!!! :D

  4. Can you believe it, Furniture-Ology? :-)

    Can't wait VectoringMomma on your next flip! :-)


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