Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why I Oughta Clock You Table!!

And she DID! 

This is such a fun, fun, fun makeover project by Beth at Under A Pile Of Scrap!  She had this table that was in dire need of an update.  It had some good things about it and some bad things.  With an idea in her mind, Beth set to work.  Like a lot of us, her excitement over beginning the transformation got the better of her and after she began the work remembered, "BEFORE PICTURES!"  

Here is the before...
See?  It has some really nice detail on it.  She had her Triple H (See Flippin' Jargon above) cut the legs down some so she could use it as a smaller coffee table.  

Then it was all up to Beth to put her artistic talents to work.  She sanded, painted it, stained it and did some more to it and finally she turned it into this...

Now remember...you are on Furniture Flippin' and NOT on Pottery Barn...though it looks like it could be a table from Pottery Barn.

Back to the reveal...

GORGEOUS!!!  I love how the shape of the table just screamed out, "BETH!  Make me pretty again and make me into a clock table!"  

Now, that's just one shot of that fun table.  For even more pictures and to read all about it, run over to Under A Pile Of Scrap!

Thanks Beth for letting us feature your furniture flip! 


  1. Thank you SO much for featuring my clock table on your Furniture Flippin' blog Stephanie!

    I sure wish I had gotten a pic of the water damage on the top before I sanded it all down & discovered the pretty wood design underneath. :)

  2. Aw you know how that is! We ALL get so excited to jump in and start the work that the "Before" pics get overlooked. Happens to all of us. It is amazing, how forgiving wood can be and the beauty that you can bring out of a piece that someone else would not think was possible. ~ Stephanie


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